2019 Nov 27th – Portarlington with Jerry and JJ

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2019 Nov 27th - Portarlington with Jerry and JJ

Last night (27 nov) we where at Portarlington again with my friend “old man JJ”. First we where chasing squid at Prince George, and after getting few we run to my 11m mark. As we got there it was pretty choppy. Good to get rid of kidney stones . But, we where determined to get some fish. As we got there it started. Lots of pinky’s, and lots of fun on light gear. Then, JJ got a nice fish on 2-4kg shimano rod aimed for whiting. Nice fight and we managed to bring it on the boat. Jerry followed with few more, and it just kept going. Lots of small throw back pinky’s, but in between some nice size fish. All happened between 8-9pm. Last fish we landed was at 9.03, then see lace took over. By around 10pm we where out at Werribee boat ramp. All in all it was great to share experiences with JJ and having things done in practice. Best bait for bigger fish was silver whiting with out the head – body only on snell hooks. I used 30lb leader and i gave it a try to Reedys outlaw circle hooks. This time i only used 2.0 and 3.0 and as Jerry said – worked a mint. If no movement, best to use them with no sinker, or, very small ball sinker. If they hit the ground, your bait gets smashed by small fish in less then 2 minutes. I’ve seen people casting they rods, and sit back for 20+minutes. I can guarantee that the bait was gone in first 2-5minutes at the old channel in Portarlington.

Next challenge for me is friday early morning. I normally get fish there late at night, but, i will get up at 4am to give it a try. I will post how i go. Cheers Happy Fisherman

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