2019 June 7th Portland

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2019 June 7th Portland

Quick update on Portland – If you think you are doing something wrong if you not hooking up any Tuna – “you don’t”! We were there friday and saturday, trolling cape bridgewater 50m, 70m, 80m up and down. Lots of bird activities, dolphins and million of seals. Lots of boats as well but only few came back with the tuna. Few barrels and few schoolies. No one had schoolies in one spot, but one fish in 70m and next fish 20km away in 45m. Lots of boats on the water and lots trolling around and in the middle of where birds are diving, but all that does is pushing the fish down. We tried hard with same setup, same lures and everything the same as before, plus tried minnows and deep dive lures, it just was not our day. Tuna is very patchy at the moment, and no consistent hook up. Red, orange green skirts – it just did not matter as talking to other fishos they all got them on different colors.

The next thing we did is moved in the bay 22m of water and got on to Pike, Gurnards and we managed a nice 60kg tresher shark and little Denis got him self a 60+

kg seven gill. All in All – great to be out on the water. Cheers Happy fisherman

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