2019 June 23rd – Squid on a foggy day

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2019 June 23rd - Squid on a foggy day

Damn that was a Foggy morning from Werribee. We headed for Prince George and it was fog on steroids all the way. Werribee car park full to the max. No fog could stop us having fun. I drifted around the Prince George for an hour but only few squid. Than I moved closer in and managed another half a dozen. Best lure in the foggy environment was a bright green and an orange that has colors like Nemo. I did stop past the old Portarlington channel, but again, million of undersized pinky’s and 2 seals. The fog went away around 1pm, and by 2pm it was back. That was the time to get out. I’ll have a bit of video to post later. Cheers, happy fisherman

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