2019 july 4th Mud Island with Peter Karamoutsos

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2019 july 4th Mud Island with Peter Karamoutsos

Left early this morning with my friend Peter Karamoutsos from Werribee to Mud Island. We stopped to get some fresh squid at Prince George mark, but we only managed 3. Then we went to red marker in front of St Leonnards pier, nothing. We try the green marker in front of the boat ramp, still no squid. Well i went to my squid spot at Mud island and in 20 minutes we bagged out. The east side of mud island, beetween the mud island shallows and the mussell farm – in 5-7m of water. This time the Yamashita Solid Black Jig was the Winner. By 12.30 we went to my gummy mark at mud island and after few Port Jacksons and banjos, Peter managed to land a nice gummy. We did spend the day before at Lorne chasing fresh salmon for gummy, but this one took squid tube. Next moment on the second rod Peter finds out that something took his big salmon chunk, and bait of the hooks. So i decided to put my 25000 Saragosa and my Samurai rod to test but putting half salmon – including the head on. Well the reel went screaming. After about 300m line peeled of, 45 minutes of puffing – and Peter not willing to take the rod and help a bit, i managed to bring up this enormous sting ray! i did get lots of huge rays before but none like this sucker. After filming it, we just cut the line. Ill have the story on the video as well later on. Cheers Happy Fisherman

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