2019 July 3rd – fishing Lorne pier

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2019 July 3rd - Fishing Lorne

Not a PPB but a preparation for tomorrow’s gummy session at mud island. We left 7am this morning to chase some salmon for bait. Destination- Lorne. As we approached the rocks, just before you enter Lorne, disappointment- water was way to high, breaks, and still 2hours before high tide. So, we ended on the pier. Ten minutes in and Mima managed a salmon, as I run to help, I had a run and it took my rod in the water. I spent the next 20 min fishing for my rod and I got it. I’ll have video of this and the rest on the day on the happy fisherman’s you tube channel. In mean time Peter was trying hard for squid but no luck so he switched to salmon lures and he managed 2 fish. In mean time the Mr Seal turned up. We tried hard but everything was slow. Just before 1pm Mima hooks another salmon but the seal took it. Started raining so it was time to pack up. As we approached the car a boat came up. We filmed how the retrieve the boat – with tractor- and we managed few picks with locals who did catch beautiful gummy, few nice snapper and few very big flattys. As I mentioned there is lots of video to follow, including the boat ramp so people know what they would have to deal with. Cheers happy fisherman

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