2019 July 31st St Leonards Whiting

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2019 July 31st St Leonards Whiting

Wednesday  morning was an easy decision – f@##$ it – i’m going fishing.Left Werribee at 8am and it was cold. The target was whiting at st Leonards, but first we stopped to check the monster bird activities just before the mussel farm. Lots of bait fish but we did not get any salmon. Then we stopped at Prince George mark to get few squid for bait – nothing. We end up around 9.30 at st Leonards and fished for 3 hours and managed only 11KGW. It was very hard to fish among all the small leather jackets which was stripping our bait as soon as it hit the ground. On the slack tide we went for a bit of wonder and end up at swan bay. No much at all. Then we went close to western channel, just past white lady – nothing. We decided to get some squid at mud island, and bingo. Best result Black Magic 2.5 jig in white color with red back – as per picture. By 4pm we where back at st Leonards between green marker and white lady in 9m of water chasing whiting. As it got dark it just went on. between 5.30 pm and 6.30 we managed to have another 30 whiting and putting back more then 10 that where under 30cm. Best bait was fresh squid strip- about 20mm by 5mm – which i tenderized it with a schnitzel hammer. Just a single penetration with a hook, and let it hang. We did get some on pippies as well, but the fresh squid did most of the damage. Just after 7pm we where out. Cheers Happy Fisherman

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