2019 July 19th Leather Jacket

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2019 July 19th Leather Jacket

Just great day to be on the water. The fish was just a bonus. I took of to st Leonard’s around 10am from Werribee and on the way stopped at Prince George mark to get some squid for bait. Managed dozen very quick and then parked half way between the st Leonard’s ramp and white lady in 8m of water. Very small leather jackets where cleaning me out but whiting did come pass on the tide change. I managed 3 in less then 5 min and back to leather jackets. I had enough so around 1pm I left to Portarlington old Chanel. Amazing, no pinky’s at all. Here I managed a monster leather jacket and few smaller. Around 3pm on the way back I spotted tones of bait fish between the mussel farm and Werribee ramp, lots of bird activity, but no salmon st all. By 4.30 pm I was cleaning the fish. Cheers from happy fisherman

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