2019 Jan 26th Swan Bay

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2019 Jan 26th Swan Bay

Spending four days in st Leonard’s. First – swan bay! We managed few whiting but, close to marine park close to yellow markers – Garfish. Quiet big and lots of them. Lot of floating grass you need to put up with, but worth it. Silver fish best bait. Under it small whiting and nice size leather jackets. Around white lady lots of squid. Best jig T14 sapphire from shimano or solid black from yamashita. Spend time I. Symonds and pinnace channel but banjos are on steroids. All around some nice flattys but, you need to go thru lots of small ones as well.
Just close to st Leonard’s on usual whiting grounds – small under size pinky’s and small leather jackets are terrorizing our bait. Few more sessions to go – will keep you informed. Some under water video will upload later showing tons of beautiful garfish. Cheers happy fisherman

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