2019 Jan 14th Happy Fisherman at Portarlington

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2019 Jan 14th Happy Fisherman at Portarlington

I took of early morning with young Wilson Blackley to Portarlington old channel. As we got there Wilson start catching tons of small pinkys but no keepers. Then the slimy mackerel started and he had fun with that for quiet a while. Well, there was not shortige of banjos, eagle rays and massive sting ray. At one stage Wilson had a masive take of, and no matter what he tried it was way to big. Just before to get spooled out young Wilson tried to put presure on the reel with his hand but the real was so hot that he could not touch it. 300m of line came to the end and just a big ‘Pop” and it was all over. All in all it was a great day, we manaaged a bit of video which i will upload later.

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