2019 Feb 11th Portarlington Happy Fisherman

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2019 Feb 11th Portarlington Happy Fisherman

Yesterday after lunch, we left Werribee to get some squid first around Prince George mark. Weather was brilliant and as soon we found some grass we bagged out. The plan was to go back to Portarlington spot and try again for some snapper. As we got there, again, lots of fish on the sounder, and weather turned to shit. We decided to stay for few hours and hope it will get better. Again, lots and lots small pinky’s, slimy mackerel, yakka’s and undersized travelly’s. Using pilchard was useless as it would be gone before it hits the ground. Plan “B” was try plastics, squid, fresh slimys and anything that would stay on the hook a little bit longer. All the above worked. We managed few nice size pinky’s between 35 and 38cm, and a 49cm one as well. I had a full Mackerell on a big rod as well, and what do you know – monster stingray – bloody thing. On the video you can see where we are in regards to Portarlington. We left around 7pm and as we got to werribee ramp, the wind dropped. F@#$$C*&%
I had a go pro again under water so i will post the footage in few minutes. Amazing aquarium we got there with lots of different spieces. Cheers
Happy fisherman

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