2019 Dec 8th -Fishing at Point Cook

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2019 Dec 8th -Fishing at Point Cook

This morning (Sunday Dec 8th) as it was full moon my decision was Point Cook chasing Gummy shark. As we did not fish for a week, me and Jerry decided to meet at 3am at my place, pack and go. By 4am we where at the ramp in Werribee, and there was lots of boats already out. Most of them end up at the wedge, but our destination was 9m depth, straight out from Campbells Cove. We sounded some fish so we dropped the anchor. To start, it was dark, and we where getting some pinky’s, but only few keepers. The best part of it where the flatty’s. Nice and big, and we had few over 55cm. Exactly at 7.30, my favorite rod took off. Light rod with 2500 Shimano sustain on one side, nice gummy shark on the other. Nice fight – and – landed. @0 minutes later, again, this time did not land. After that we have been loosing bait consistently, so when I got home and watched the underwater footage, I knew why. Millions of pinky’s, Yakka’s, flaty’s, and leather jackets just under the boat. We got few banjos as well, but that is nothing new. Then, by 11am we moved to Portarlington 11m mark. Donut for us. Even the pinky’s where not around. Again, the underwater footage just proved that there where only leather jackets at Portarlington, which, it is a complete opposite of what we had a week before. We left by 1pm, and the ramp was as i “never seen it before”. Cars where parked pass on the street, passed the caravan park. Well, it is good to see that people enjoy fishing! I’ll have some nice underwater footage at later stage. For now, Cheers and tide lines. Happy Fisherman

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