2019 Aug 7th St Leonards Whitting

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2019 Aug 7th St Leonards Whitting

As planning to go to Bermagui this monday, i managed to do another session in PPB. After work, yesterday we jumped on the boat and by 3.30 we where already at Prince George mark catching squid. The water was like mirror! In one drift we managed to get half a dozen, Solid black jig did most of the damage, and, quickly we went to St Leonards for the whiting session. As we got there water was running in, and lots of freaking GRASS. It was hard dealing with small leather jackets and under sized pinky’s, but the grass was terrible. We did manage dozen KGW’s, but it was challenging. The best result we got on the patternoster whiting snatcher, as the grass would stop at the top hook so the bottom hook had a chance to be taken. As dark approached, it slow down everything, including whiting. Just an advice, before you lift your rig in the boat at night time, take a good look at it while is still in the water. I had a skinny 30cm water snake last nigh on the hook, and lucky i have seen it while i had it close to the boat, other way, we would be dancing the Can Can dance! Cheers, Happy Fisherman!

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