2019 Aug 4th Mud Island with JJ

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2019 Aug 4th Mud Island with JJ

Sunday noon – whats better than fishing! Car Park Full! This time my good friend Old Man JJ with me and we left from Weribee straight to Mud island. Plan was to get some fresh squid for bait, then chase the gummy’s for few hours, and by 4pm to be at St Leonards getting some witing. First squid -worked. We managed few and this time fully white Yamashita outbid the Solid black and the black magic jig by miles. Next – Gummy’s. It was 1pm, tide just changed and we had nice flow of the water. My usual spot in 11m meters at Pinnace channel and everything was promising. Then, Banjo, banjo, port jackson, banjo again, flatty, Diamond ray and a huge sting ray which gave Old Man JJ a bit of work out. (30min full blast on snapper rod – ill have it on the video later) Well we where persistent and tried hard, but, unfortunately no gummy. We left just after 5.30pm and got to st Leonards at 6pm. It was already dark but very promising. First 10min we got 4 witings, and then hand break. around 6.30 it was like someone put a hand break. Some stupid grass start getting on the line quick, and there was no bait at all. By 7pm we left. We mist the witing run by maybe an hour, but all in all it was great day on the water. Cheers Happy fisherman

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