2019 Aug 17 – St Leonards

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2019 Aug 17th - St Leonards

Because of work I had to postpone the trip to Bermagui, but no work would stop me going out on the water today! We left just after lunch and we had Jelly on the boat – a fluffy Maltese/Shitzu. We checked the old channel at Portarlington- nothing. Then, we went to Prince George market for squid – very slow and very small. I took of closer inland and got half a dozen. Then around 3pm we anchor at St Leonard’s. Water was coming in an it was quiet hard to get KGW’s. To many leather jackets, pinky’s and lots of grass. We managed few and I have to say that they where much bigger than before. As the sun touchy the horizon, it started. In 30 minutes we got over dozen. Again, paternoster did most of the damage as the top hook stopped the grass, so the bottom hook was exposed a bit longer. Squid strips was the best bait, as pippies would be stripped of by other fish in a second. Cheers, happy fisherman


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