2019 April 1st Mud Island

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2019 April 1st Mud Island

Out on the water with Sam and Daniel. Daniel the Escavator man – first gummy. His working at peninsula for me and his dream was to get a gummy. Well we left Rye ramp after work and went to mud island. In meantime we stopped for few fresh squid around mud island. Saying that, at the ramp, young man just came out and he recognized me from the facebook and offered us few live squid. That was very generous of him and I’m happy to see that real fisherman are willing to help each other. We where at the gummy spot by 4.30, and we keep catching small pinky’s and between theme few yakkas. After lots of banjos and eagle rays Daniels dream came true. The gummy, just before the low tide change, took yakka fillet. That made his day, and, made my day to see him happy. Cheers happy fisherman

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