2019 April 11th fishing at Portland

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2019 April 11th fishing at Portland

We left Tuesday morning for Portland so we can fish Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday we had of past Lawrence rock towards the Cape Bridgewater but after one hour we decided we are going back as the swells where way to big. We went close to Lee Brakewater and managed quiet few whitings. At the ramp we found out that from 70+ boats only 5 fish where caught. One at 120kg, 90kg, 30kg, and two of 80kg. The next day we where out again and we went to Cape Bridgewater. We seen Orcas at first, and few minutes later few barrell tuna passed next to the boat. All that excitement but no luck on hooking one. By 1pm we where back at the Lee Breakwater and we got some more King George Whitting and Yakka’s. All in all, nice trip. Big “thank you” to my friend Doc for the magical accommodation!

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