2018 Sepember 30th Rhyll

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2018 September30th Rhyll

Sunday morning we took of to Westernport for a bit of a hunt. We launched at Stony Point and went direct to Rhyll. As per pics we where fishing in beetween Rhyll and French Island in a depth of 15m. The current was very strong but it did slow down just before 10am at the low tide. No much to say as we where only catching small flatty’s. As the tide turned we managed to get few big Yakka’s, huge Cuda, and few of other throw backs like Diamond Ray, Banjos and Port Jackson. In the mix was a school shark pup as well. Nothing to keep. Around 1pm my son Jordan got a gummy. No that big but a nice feed. We Had lots of bait, on offer including fresh Yakka fillets and Cuda, but gummy took pilchard. As we hit 3pm (1hr before high tide, Mima started the season we a cracking 6kg snapper. 3 min later Jordan got another 2kg, and 10 minutes after Jerry got another 6kg. All taken on fresh Yakka fillets. After that, nothing. Cuda was back and few salmon. by 430 we where out!
Happy Fisherman!!!


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