2018 October 17th – P2

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2018 October 17th - P2

Left in the afternoon from Altona with Ovi and we spend an hour around the reef while we where waiting for Jerry to finish work. As Jerry arrived we took of to P2. At the start nothing on the screen and Ovi kept him self busy with small flatty’s. Then at 5.30 Jerry was on something big. Massive Gummy – We had it 2 times at the boat and after second take of broke off. At 6.50 pm Ovi was on to snapper. Half of silver waitting on the snell hooks. As per video we landed that one and it was just under 6kg. One hour later i had another big red on but this time the Seal WON! We waited for change of tide – but no action. We fished the west side of P2 as per pic and the video in 16m. All the heavy action was on silver witting, even the Gummy. Cheers – happy fisherman!

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