2018 nov 20th Point Cook

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2018 Nov 20th point Cook

Took another shot at Point Cook. Left after 6 pm and the car park was a ghost town. Got to 9m mark in front of RAAF and dropped the Berley bucket and by 7pm I was on a gummy on a light paternoster ring using pillchard. After 15min it run under the anchor chain and that was it. Then this freaky southerly wind started and pushed us 1kn away from the spot. We took few attempts to anchor, but no luck. Finally by around 9pm wind dropped and already at 9 20 we had a 7kg on the boat. Around 10pm we start heading out and the rain was pumping. Lighting all around.
All in all, plenty gummy’s and schools around. Best bait yakka fillet and full yakka on a single hook thru the nose. Most likely tomorrow at the same spot!
Cheers, happy fisherman

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