2018 May 14th – mud island gummy and squid

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2018 may 14th mud island

Monday we took of to mud island again. We left Werribee around 1.30 pm and got there around 2.20. Weather was just brilliant. Waves under .5m and wind was right down. As we start drifting for squid we start getting them one after the other. Funny enough they where very passive, not aggressive at all. Again as i show in the video the white Shimano T14 was best followed by solid black 3.0 Yamashita. After 24 squid – it was time to go to the gummy spot to catch the change of tide. Action was quiet slow but just before 5pm the gummy was on. I can not tell the KG but as per image it was decent. The gummy we got on the patternoster rig this time, on full squid head. Gummy didn’t put to mush of a fight, considering its size. We managed few flatty and a gurnard again but that was the only gummy for the day. We had tons of banjos and Port jacksons all sizes, and we had a toothy run which lasted 30 seconds and the 60lb leader was like a straight cut. We did stay till around 8pm and took of in the dark back but again water was like glass. I included the picture of the actual spot in the video. It’s a long distance from Werribee ramp – but it is worth it. Cheers Happy Fisherman

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