2018 July – Bait fish

by Jul 8, 2018Fishing Reports, Port Phillip Bay0 comments

Bait Galore

I decided sunday to go and check the old spoil ground. We fished for 2 hours and – nothing. Then we took of to mud island. We got some squid in 7m of water and then moved to usual spot in 12m of water. Small flathead invasion. It was imposible to fish. We moved few times, but nothing changed. Then we end up on the north side of the mud island and there was tons of bait fish. Seals and seagulls everywhere. The bait fish in millions, but no keepers for us. The only action was the big shovel nose ray. Later i dropped the green squid light in the water and we end up getting few garfish. There was lots of them but quiet small. By 7pm we where on the way back to werribee. Cheers – Happyfisherman!!!!

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