2018 Dec 29th Portarlington

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2018 Dec 29th Portarlington

Yesterday  my cousin ADRIAN asked me to take him out with few of his workers. Well, I did, and we left Werribee around 10.30 straight to mud island to catch few hours before low tide. As we got there, all the banjos in the world lined up. Son of a gun one after another. On the tide change, funny enough, they stopped so yakkas and slimmy showed on the screen. We got few and by 3 we where on the way to Portarlington. As we got there we managed few pinky’s in high 30s, and a gurnard. Again, few banjos and a monster ray paid as a visit. One of the guys was very committed to touch the leader with a ray, so he did fight it for about 40 min. By 8pm we where on the way to the ramp and they were very happy fisherman even we did not get a sniff of a gummy.
Portarlington – 11 m close to the channel at marker 3, half pilchard on the 2.0 circle hooks, no sinker. On the full pilchard we did not managed to hook up at all, and, we where loosing it in less then a minute
Happy fisherman

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