2018 dec 23rd happy fisherman – mud island

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2018 dec 23rd happy fisherman at mud island

Sunday morning 4am I left Werribee ramp and headed to mud island with My godfather Zoran. We where on the spot before sunrise, but only catching banjos, diamond ray, port Jackson and similar uninvited fish. Then, 7 am, bingo. We landed nice gummy, and, that was ZORAN’s first gummy to break the ice. We managed few more, but even they where legal size, it was to small to take it. We managed about 8 nice size gurnards and few flattys in high 40s. By 11am we took off to try for squid around mud island but after 20min we only got one. We then went to Portarlington, but only undersize pinky’s. Half hour later we took off home. Passing the wedge spit I can only say there was lots of boats but no much action. Just before 1 we where out and the Werribee carpark was full, even on the grass and on top of the road.

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