2018 April 29th Werribee

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Yep – personal best. It felt good to catch it and felt even better to put it back in the water.
We left Werribee at 10am to catch high tide at Portarlington. We stopped on the way at the wedge to get some squid. We got 4 but very small. Then by 11 we where at the Portarlington channel. Over ther we where only feeding the fish. Tones of small pinkys but nothing to keep. We managed few Yakka and a cuda. Around 1 30 we decided to go get some flattys. We started at east sid of the mussel farm. The action was very slow and the flattys where average. Then we went half way to Werribee and drifted in 6-7m of water. Srift was 2km/h. We managed few more and a gurnard. I did arm one rod with 15cm cuda tail piece. I was hopping for gummy or red but nothing. Just before we decided to go home, that rod took of. It felt funny. Shaked a bit, i called it gummy, then it stopped, i belived was a banjo, so i wasn’t to sure at the time. Jerry got the net and as it got closer i saw the color and said it is a banjo, until it came really close. The Flatty was 78cm, i did not have the scale so i can not tell the weight. We took some photos and then put it back. As i put it back it kicked but then gone backwards so i was worried, but finally we seen him turning and swim away.
Happy Fisherman

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