2018 april 21st – Portland

by Apr 25, 2018Fishing Reports, Portland0 comments

Quick Something out of ppb. Portland. We fished yesterday early morning. Fished the 70-100m but no tuna. Took of at the kinks point in500m and manage 10 albacore still no tuna. We did hit the shelf, seen some whales, but again no tuna. Abou 5pm we where at the ramp and all up there was 3 bluefin cleaned -about 10. There was a story that someone lost a barrel but I’m not to sure. Apparently the fish was right of Lawrence rock in 40-70 m of water. We going there now and I’ll keep you updated. Saying that the owner of the whalers motel where we staying deed some 600m bottom fishing and he did get some nice pink ling, blue eyed trevalla, grandier and some other fish that I could not identify. I included some pics of it and the pic of the bin so you can see the size of the tuna. Cheers

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