2018 April 18 Mud Island – Port Phillip Bay

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Fishing at Mud Island

A quick update on mud island. I left werribee yesterday at 1pm and decided to go mud island. As we got there water was just beautiful. I berley as usual and then it started. Monsters if the deep – banjo after banjo, port Jackson’s a huge show elk nose sucker. I went thru nearly two bags of pillies. In meantime on the small rod we managed few yakka, and in the plastic few cudas. I use them for bait and surely enough we got few nice flattys and a little gummy pup. As sun touched the water I finally managed a gummy. In front of my nose she managed to go under the engine and the rest was just history. Shit happens. Then we took on a half hour squid session and I can tell you – squid everywhere. Not that big, but, every cast was a catch. Just for info- i fish in 12 meters of water on the soreto side of mud island on the end of pinnacle Chanel. Squid we catch on the same side but drifting in 5m-9m in between the island and mussel farm. You will often see a charter boat drifting there for squid. I don’t like advertising but definetly shimano t14 Sephora size 3or 3.5 or I love mega bass jigs. Dark with purple which has some funny Uv glow. Cheers
happy fisherman

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