2018 25th May – Mud Island Fishing

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Bid Day On The Water

Wow what a day! water like glass. Got to squid ground between mud island and mussel farm about 12ish and had an hour before we had to move to 12m to be there few hours before low tide. We managed about 10 squid, and by 1pm we where at the 12m gummy spot. Started crazy with lots of flatty’s and a gurnard, then wack – school shark. Few minutes later gummy. By 2 we had the second gummy. No long after 2 of my rods went banana. Screaming, shaking, and no stopping. About half hour in we had one rod in the holder and start filming a litlle bit. I managed to bring in close enough to the boat to see it. I can say i only saw the shadow and i was affraid to tell Mima that is a big shark so she does not freak out. 20 minutes later i had it close enough. First i saw hte tail and i believed it look strange like tresher shark, Then it came close and i believed it is bronzie. I managed to get a grab of the leader and that was enough for me. I had no horse power to lift that in the boat. Then she done it a U-turn and snap my line on the proppeller. Minutes later we got another gummy and we had the bag limit so we left just before 3. Worth mentioning there where lots of banjos again, follow by port J’s and huge shovel nose ray. We went back to squid grounds but no luck. I was watching 5-6 squid following the lure but not taking it. I changed colors, size, etc- no go. We took of to St LEnnards red post in front of the pier and manage few more and a small cattle fish. IAs the sun went down we where freezing so by 6 we where already at Werrebee ramp. Just to mention Yakka fillets where the main bait for gummy’s, squid head was the schooly, and the whole Yakka got the seven giller shark. i’ll have the video of today by monday on the happy fisherma web site, i just have to beeep the hell out of it or just under score it with music. Cheers and happy fishing!
Happy fisherman

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