2017 St Leonards September 10th

by Sep 14, 2017Fishing Reports, Port Phillip Bay0 comments

Me an Jerry took of from Werribee around 9am and gone straight to St Leonards. We tried for squid around the red marker at main pier but got only one. Tried around white lady, but to many boats and no much action. The we picked up little Ayden and hi father Arlen and took of to Mud Island. Fished our regular spot around 8m of water and managed a nice bag of flatty’s which put smile on Ayden face who was the champion for the day. Around 4 30pm we went closer to St Leonards to our whiting spot but no bait at all. We did manage to get more squid and around 6pm we decided to go home. The day was just brilliant and we had lots of happy fun moments.

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