2017 May 26 Mud Island

by Jun 10, 2017Fishing Reports, Port Phillip Bay0 comments

Friday 26th May – took some friends from work out. Launched around 9am at Weribee and went straight to spit wedge for some squid. End up with just 2 in 2m of water on the dark blue IKA. we spend just around 1 hour chasing but that’s all we got.. Good part Daniel(in the picture got his first squid ever. I went then to my usual spot at Portalington old channel and all we got is some pinkys and lots of yellowtail before seal came. No snapper no gummys this time. The we took of to Mud Island. As we got there flatty’s attack along with banjos and Port Jackson. We got around 20 keepers (flatty’s at 35plus) and we managed 3 big red gurnards. the rest went back in water. About 5 we had of out as the sun was gone and it got cold. Water was like mirror the whole day and that is the best part of winter and north west winds.
Cheers – happy fisherman!!!

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