2017 Clifton Springs Squid

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Around 10am me, Jerry and Mima launched at Werribee and took of straight to Portarlington Old Channel. We tried for about 40 minutes and absolute nothing on the bait. Then we decided to go close in towards Clifton Springs. We did cast jigs for squid in few places but again nothing.  Then we reached the line straight out from the ramp. As sun was clearly showing sand-grass barrier we start drifting along the edge of it. It wasn’t long and the first squid was on. Nice size. The wind was pushing us towards Geelong at 1.2km and this pace was just right. We managed in only 2 hours to bag out between three of us and all of them where good size. Very impressive for 4m of water. Most of the squid where going for dark purple lure and red was the second favorite.  By 4 20 pm we where back at Werribee. Worth mentioning that the birds where diving just at the entrance of Werribee channel but we did not get any salmon. I believe was just bait moving around. Another impressive observation we had – no flattys where touching anything the time we spent at Portarlington Old channel. Very Strange. Cheers

Happy Fisherman!!!!

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