2017 August 20 – with Arlen, Ayden and Jerry

by Aug 21, 2017Fishing Reports, Port Phillip Bay0 comments

9am in the morning we took off from Werribbe South and first stop was wedge spit Lara. Nothing. We crossed all the way to Clifton Springs and 10 yr old Ayden got his first squid. We drifted a while but that was it! Then we went to Portarlington channel and tried there for a bit. Nothing on the sounder so again we start drifting and again Ayden got a Gurnard. Around 1pm we decided to go to St Leonards and we started around white lady got few squid, then we moved closer and had a total of 14. There where dolphins around, the sun was up, and the water was flat – if we would not get anything it was still beautiful day out. Just to mention that 9 out of the squid was taken by 10 y/o Ayden on the dark pink Jig. Highlights of the day where when his dad told him to keep the pressure on the line while his bringing the squid in – and the answer was – you telling me what to do yet i got 6 and you got none! His father Arlen did get one later and that was the one that squirt the INK straight in my face! 🙂 Yet we all happy fisherman!!!!!

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