2020 Nov 25th – Fishing Port Phillip Bay Snapper

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2020 Nov 25th – Fishing Port Phillip Bay Snapper

25th Nov – i did two trips to 20m mark from Werribee.
First me and Mima left at 10am and back by 2pm. We had a low start but as the tide turned action started. Lots of Slimy Mackerel, Yakkas and undersized flaty’s. We where having fun catching Slimy’s, and as we where filming the rig and bait we used, BANG!. Screaming reel! I landed a 5.2kg red on a fresh slimy mackerel. Lots of great video from that session, specially, underwater!
Then at 5pm i took of with my happy fisherman fellow Jerry to the same spot. Few boats around this time. Jerry started with few slimys but very quick they went of. We had every trick, bait, and tide on our side, but unfortunately no big red this time. As everyone left we where still trying. The bay went a bit rocky, but, nothing to worry about. Then, the last boat, few hundred meters away from us needed help. Somehow, new Bar Crusher had a flat battery. I had my started on me so we managed to get the fellow out of trouble and he was on his way back home.
We did try for few more minutes, but it started to get a bit uncomfortable so by 9pm we where at the Werribee ramp.
I don’t know what happen with the dredging boat that was at Werribee just few days a go , but the freaking sand bar as you come past the main red/green post is pissing me off. I already broke my skeg there and now i have a damaged prop. Oh well, stay safe out there! At least my little puppy love fresh raw fish. That make my trip worth it anytime.
Great video of the day to follow on happy fisherman’s youtube channel
Cheers, Happy Fisherman

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