2020 June 25 – Happy Fisherman fishing Portarlington

by Jul 1, 2020Fishing Reports, Port Phillip Bay0 comments

2020 June 25 - Happy Fisherman fishing Portarlington

Today a bit of adventure trip with Tyrone’s son Steph. The excitement for young Steph was that his going to fish with a “youtuber”.  We first went to 9m Point Cook. Nothing, so i had to play the safe card and head off to Portarlington Old Channel. As we got there, Steph start catching Pinky’s and Flatty’s. The smile was priceless. And then double hook ups, even more excitement. NO keepers, but that did not matter.

After a bit of fun we went down to Kirks Point where we got some nice squid. Around 4pm we had a quick stop at the wedge to try for some whiting, but, Donuts.

All in all , great day on the water! Cheers

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