2018-Dec-12th-Happy Fisherman Portarlington with Ayden and Arlen

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2018-Dec-12th-Happy Fisherman Portarlington with Ayden and Arlen

I had promise to take my friend Arlen and his 10yo son Ayden to Portarlington so Ayden can catch some Pinky’s. As we left Werribee everything looked good so by 5pm we where at the spot. As we anchored Ayden managed a nice size Pinky, and then out of nowhere, against all the weather apps, a 60+km wind. In that situation you can try and run for 20km in a bumpy sea and hope no freak wave on the way, or let more anchor rope and stay in the spot ’till it goes away. That’s exactly what my decision was, and from experience over the years, it was the best choice. In mean time little Ayden, like a true champ, start catching more Pinky’s and he landed a nice snapper which put a big smile on his and his dad’s face. He was very brave, even the waves where very uncomfortably smashing against the boat. By the sunset, everything stopped so we had a comfortable ride back to the boat ramp.  Another Happy Fisherman!

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