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2018 July Trip – Zoran

Some pics from Zoran Gvozdenac and a friend that are gone North (Cape York) for some fishing and hunting adventure. More pics when he comes back!!!!

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2018 July 13th David oz

Just got this in my messanger "Got this off Portarlington channel yesterday. You gave me the spot last year. Cro baground been busy haven't had much free time.One day we can catch up for a fish. Yhanks for the spot. Cheers Dave" That's is a...

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2018 Boat Show with Al Mcglashan

Even we catch lots of fish, we still happy to get some advise! HappyFisherman getting sharing some tips and getting genuine advise from the master him self Al McGlashan. Knowledge ain't no knowledge unless you share it, and people like Al are more than...

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2018 Boat Melbourne Show

2018 Melbourne Boat Show was quiet impressive again. Lots of goodies, nice stage presentations and advise that everyone could benefit from. Lots of new Equipment on display and sale.

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2018 July – Bait fish

I decided sunday to go and check the old spoil ground. We fished for 2 hours and - nothing. Then we took of to mud island. We got some squid in 7m of water and then moved to usual spot in 12m of water. Small flathead invasion. It was imposible to fish. We...

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2018 june 10th Mud Island

Yesterday’s mud island session - no gummy’s. We managed bag limit on squid easy but the fish just didn’t want to play. Few banjos and port Jackson but no keepers. Even flattys that do go crazy where at sleep. Morning fog from werribee was slowing us down...

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2018 June 1st – Portarlington

Just got back from Portalington old channel getting some Yakka for tomorrow’s gummy chase at mud island. Got at the channel st 2 pm and managed 15 Yakka, 3Cuda, 6 red mullet, 2 Whitting and just before leaving -surprise. Rock ling on pilchard. All the...

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2018 June 2nd – Mud Island

This morning I managed to get the old friend Steve away fro the computer😀 we got at mud island about 9am -2 hours prior the low tide. Funny enough we could not get a gummy. Flatty's everywhere, Banjos, Jackson’s and monster Ray’s. Some of the rays took 45 min to bring...

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How To Fillet Yakka And Gummy Shark Set Up

Happy Fisherman just uploaded a quick video on how to fillet yakka or other bait and the rig we use for gummy shark . The same rig does work very well for snapper. Note in Port Phillip Bay, when the water is calm and not running fast, the only difference...

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