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2019 May 12th Indented Heads

We took of 10am straight for Portarlington channel and got invaded by small undersized pinkys. After an hour and a bag of pilchard we decided to catch the low tide change at Indented Heads chasing squid. That was quiet successful and this time red-purple Jig was the...

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2019 May 7th Indented Heads

After quiet few days battle with flu, Tuesday around 10am I headed to indented heads trying for squid. It was hard work but we got a dozen. The drift was a bit to fast - 3 km p/h. The solid black lure done most of the damaged. Then we went to Portarlington old chanuto...

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2019 April 19 Rockhampton

On the April 18th Zoran and Bobby went to Fitzroy River Qld - Rockhampton - fishing for Baarramundi. The Day started great but within two hours the wind picked up and the rain came through and that was them for the day - Happy Fishing!

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2019 April 20th – Squid

Marathon day! We left Werribee at 6 am and went to Mt. Martha. After 2 hours of trying, scanning, moving around- we got nothing. Then we moved to mud island and action was very slow. Even flattys and banjos where slow. We managed few slimmys and yakkas, but that was...

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2019 April 11th fishing at Portland

We left Tuesday morning for Portland so we can fish Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday we had of past Lawrence rock towards the Cape Bridgewater but after one hour we decided we are going back as the swells where way to big. We went close to Lee Brakewater and managed...

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2019 April 1st Mud Island

Out on the water with Sam and Daniel. Daniel the Escavator man - first gummy. His working at peninsula for me and his dream was to get a gummy. Well we left Rye ramp after work and went to mud island. In meantime we stopped for few fresh squid around mud island....

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