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Welcome to Happy Fisherman, the latest interactive site for all those that enjoy angling!  We encourage you to share your fishing news and experiences so that everyone with a penchant for fishing can learn and develop their prowess on the water.

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2019 July 3rd – fishing Lorne pier

Not a PPB but a preparation for tomorrow’s gummy session at mud island. We left 7am this morning to chase some salmon for bait. Destination- Lorne. As we approached the rocks, just before you enter Lorne, disappointment- water was way to high, breaks, and still 2hours...

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2019 June 7th Portland

Quick update on Portland - If you think you are doing something wrong if you not hooking up any Tuna - "you don't"! We were there friday and saturday, trolling cape bridgewater 50m, 70m, 80m up and down. Lots of bird activities, dolphins and million of seals. Lots of...

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